Kids Smart Watch Q12 Blue/Pink

Features GPS tracker and voice chat functions to let you two keep in touch and know where your child is, always there to keep your prince and princess safe and secure. Voice monitoring design to let you know what happens with your kids without disturbing them. SOS call design to allow your kids to call family number for help. Press the key for 3 seconds, and it will call the preset number circularly. Safety zoom function to send you an alert when kids are going outside the safety range.

Clear call / positioning accuracy / long battery life / ultra-thin body / cooling wear
14.1mm ultra-thin process design, as fine as the task color is beautiful, and the whole machine rich in texture.
Precision Research and Development and careful design carefully prepare each component to make sure everything works.
Clear and stable two-way call, the sound is louder and can be heard in noisy environment. Unique antenna design, multiple calibration to ensure stable calls
Voice chat, making communication more convenient, easier operation and clearer voice, easy group chat, supports group chat with multiple mobile phones
Precise positioning, real-time display accurately
Electronic fence to always protect children’s safety sets the child’s activity range, the parent’s phone will receive an alert when the child leaves the set area.
High-performance battery, longer standby time with custom high-polymerization batteries, the charging speed is faster, the performance is higher
Fun game: let the children enjoy the game and grow in happiness.
Heart-shaped reward: When the child is doing well, sending a heart-shaped reward to the clock on the mobile phone indicates motivation, so the child is happier and more active.


  • Strap material: comfortable silicone strap
  • Battery capacity: 400mAh
  • SIM card: only support 2G SIM card
  • Charging time: 2H
  • Screen resolution: 128 * 128
  • Display Size: 1.44
  • Camera: 8w camera
  • Standby time: 70h
  • Memory: 32Mb
  • ROM: 32Mb
  • Application: compatible with Android, l0S
  • Color: Subject to availability*
  • Age range: 3-12 years old

    *Please note that the safety of your child is always an important measure beyond a gadget/accessory and you should not at any time completely rely on this gadget or any similar devices for their protection/safety.
    *All above mentioned details are as per the manufacturers manual/instructions