Monopoly Here & Now World Edition – Electronic Banking Unit Version

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  • Exciting contemporary update to the classic board game
  • A digital banking device that keeps track of your balance
  • 2 to 6 players
  • Ages 8+
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Monopoly Here and Now: The World Edition is an exciting, contemporary update to the classic board game.

  • Get ready to wheel and deal in the millions of dollars with your own monopoly credit card
  • Each game includes six randomly selected movers based on items that are iconic to the continents
  • Join in the biggest MONOPOLY game yet, where the deal button adds an extra element of excitement so, for a fast and frantic game, deal away
  • As you play discover interesting facts about the world on the chance and community cards
  • A digital banking device that keeps track of your balance
  • 2 AA batteries required. (may/may not be included)
    *actual color/design/model may slightly vary based on the availability*

    *WARNING* CHOKING HAZARD: NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3 YEARS DUE TO SMALL PARTS.#monopoly #monopolyhereandnow #monopolyworldedition #bankingmonopoly #boardgames #toysandgames

    Get Ready for a Global Financial Game

    Getting ready to play is as easy as familiarizing yourself with the rules and inserting two AA batteries (not included) into the banker unit. Even though the electronic unit does all the hard work, you’ll still need to assign one player to be the banker. This person will be in charge of handling the banker unit, the title deed cards, houses, hotels, and deals throughout the game. Each player will need to pick a mover piece and a monopoly credit card before the game begins.

    The rules of play are simple. On each turn, a player rolls the dice and moves that number of squares. When you land on an open property, you have the option to buy it. If another player owns the property, you’ll have to pay them rent. Special spaces allow you to draw a community chest or chance card, require you to pay taxes, or send you jail. Once you own all the properties in a color group, you can build houses and hotels on them, increasing their value. Options like mortgaging property or trading it to your creditors keep the game interesting if you start running out of cash.

    Traditionally, the game continues until only one player remains. However, the instructions also offer options for speeding the game along. You may appreciate playing for a set amount of time, since the world record for the longest Monopoly is 70 days!