3pieces Wall Mounted Dispenser for Cereals, Grains & Pulses

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1 Unit = 1.5L
Set of 3 = 1.5L x 3

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Product details of 3 Pieces – Cereal Dispenser Wall Mounted 1.5L/1.5KG

  • Cereal Dispenser Wall Mounted 1.5 L
  • New design and high-quality dispenser
  • Prevents cereal or other dry foods from going stale.
  • Kids will find it fun, watching the cereal fall perfectly into their bowl while moms can be assured that kids will not be spilling cereal all over the kitchen.
  • Best of all, the dispenser is hermetically sealed which preserves the freshness of dry food.
  • Simply place a bowl under the dispenser and press the button to get a controlled portion.
  • The simple, elegant design features one clear, see-through, high-quality plastic container which holds one box of cereal.
  • Very easy to clean and fit.Now you & the kids can enjoy cereals and dry food in style

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