Non-stick Fry Pan Set with FREE Non-stick Spoon


Package includes:
1 x Free Non-Stick Spoon
1 x 18 cm Fry pan
1 x 20 cm Fry Pan
1 x 24 cm Fry Pan

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Non-stick, which is a special coating with unique technology, consisting of more strait non-stick reinforced with ceramic inside and creates a compact film, consistently smooth and completely non-porous.
The high performance non-stick has been appreciated by international chefs and heads of specialized agencies.

Outside coating which is revolutionized the world’s non-stick coatings for home use, ensure lasting peace in high temperature.
Higher resistance of the coating from the base and reinforced ceramics makes the cookware more abrasion-resistant and durable.

A true “ecological revolution” in the kitchen ensures that hygiene in the total absence of PFOA, in addition to healthy cooking and nutrition, together with fat-free cooking allows easier cleaning.
Its smooth and shinning coating remains unchanged even after frequent use.


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